Hike 7: Crystal Cove State Park

Hike 7 // 52:
6.5 MILES & 1142′ of elevation gain.
PARKING:  Free residential parking.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 2.40.01 PM

This trail totally kicked my ass!!!  It was amazing and made me want more trail time.  We pulled into the residential, neighborhood street area and got ready.  I’d never gone this way on the trail, normally hanging a right at No Name Ridge and heading down a very open, untrail like service road I’d say it is more than a trail.

Along Bommer Ridge we followed the 73 freeway, the sound of a large raging river is what imagined instead of the rushing cars of toll road traffic.  We got to Redtrail Trail, which later turns into Rattlesnake Ridge, and this was by far my favorite part of the trail.  A single path no wider than my body.  Rattlesnake Ridge the perfect name for the trail, as I imagined snakes lunging out left and right from the dappled bush light.  Down down down we went, birds flew over head and views of the Pacific Ocean danced in and out of view.  A washed out trail descended, down the side of the ridge, leading us over to another service road that connected one highline to another.  When you go descend all you’ll do is go back up.

Wrapping around we headed back up.  Taking Tickerton Trail we found another single wide road trail, diagonally taking us back the way we came.  While on the walk I discovered the Deer Creek Canyon Campground.  The first backpacking trip I’ll adventure on this year.  I’ll follow the same trail, camping an over night at the campground.  I was happy despite the tired feeling in my legs, but even if I want to stop I’ve got to walk to get out of here, so walk I do.  Up, up and up some more.  Coky beat me, her speedy legs taking her fast.  FKT’s I see in her future.

I recorded a little video of this hike.  Watch it right here and get a real feel for the trail.

I made sure to take my SX70 along for the hike loaded with some nice Polaroid Originals 600 film.  When I reached a certain point on Rattlesnake Trail I took the opportunity to take a shot.  The beautiful hills with the Pacific Ocean blue and glimmering in the background, before fading into the sky.

Polaroid600-22 copy

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