Hike 5: East Ridge to Bell Canyon

Hike 5/52:  East Ridge to Bell Canyon

6.8 Mile Loop (4.8 Completed)
Parking:  $3 paid park parking (Weekday)

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 6.27.59 PM

I’ve been wanting to push myself further in my hiking adventures, my ultimate goal being to eventually take on a long trail.  I was on the hunt to find an easyish 5+ mile hike.  Using AllTrails I’d found what seemed like the perfect match.  A 6.8 mile loop in Orange County’s Casper Regional Park.

We go to the park relatively early, wanting to beat the weird winter heat we’ve been having recently in Southern California.  The forecast said sunny.  We parked our blue mini van and got right out on.  I’ve been filming our hikes with my iphone and wanted to keep the 52 Hike Video Challenge going and filmed a fun little 10 minute video.

Check it out below.

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