My Little Canonet Cutie

In September my maternal grandmother, Nellie, passed away.  She’d spent her life with a little tribe of family, always with kids running around the wild grasses of her mountain home.  Engulfed in the trees of the pacific north west I remember may childhood summers running free and with nature.  She lived almost 92 years in the wild simple life, living in the rustle of wind and trees.

When she passed away she’d left me with a small amount of money, a gracious surprised I hadn’t ever expected.  With that gift I bought a Canonet QL17 GIII.  I’d often write my grandmother letters through out the years and would send her photographs I’d take in Joshua Tree or places I’d ventured that she’d never see.  She loved those photographs so I thought it only proper to pick up this little rangefinder.

Processed with VSCO with 4 presetI waited patiently for the package from Japan to arrive.  Bringing my little friend.  I imagined the photos we’d take and the adventure’s we’d have.

I ordered more film and supplies to finish my bulk loading supplies, a 2018 resolution to keep.

Finally the package arrived and I grabbed my last roll of Arista Edu Ultra 400 from the fridge & started taking photos right away.  I felt like Ralphie from A Christmas Story and his Red Rider BB Gun.  Ready to take down the light.

I shot the roll with in a day and headed right out my shed to develop the roll.  I couldn’t wait to see how everything turned out.

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

I plugged in my info in to the Mass Dev Chart.  Developer.  Stop Bath.  Fixer.  Hypo Cleaner.  Final Wash.  Pull the film off the reel and I’m giddy with just the little bits I see.  Everything looks promising.  I had decided to shoot in a variety of lights so I could learn how the camera sees the world.  Dark light.  Morning light, mid-afternoon.

QL17GIII - 01
One big underexposed mess // f/8 @ 60

I was cooking my folks their Friday night dinner.  The light was low, the sun already set, I photographed my mom, the dogs, my girlfriend and a selfie.

QL17GIII - 02
Nothing to see // f/8 @ 30
QL17GIII - 03
Underexposed kitchen // f/8 @ 60
QL17GIII - 04
Underexposed Bulldog // f/5.6 @ 30
QL17GIII - 06
Self Portrait // f/8 @ 30
QL17GIII - 07
Unseen giflriend //f/8 @ 30
QL17GIII - 05
Kitchen Island // f/8 @ 60

The next morning I was spraying the primer coat on a bike I’m restoring, the cans looked great as the warmed up in the morning sun.  I couldn’t help but take a photo.

QL17GIII - 08
Rattle Cans Warming Up // f/8 @ 30

While the cans kept warming I wandered through the house, looking for anything I could take a photo of.  I found myself in my mother’s sewing room.  This has been many different rooms, but no matter what purpose it served I’ve always loved the light that shines through it’s bay windows every day of the year.

QL17GIII - 09
Sewing room light // f/8 @ 125
QL17GIII - 10
quilting fabric // f/8 @ 125

My girlfriend had our daily bike commute to the local whole foods, we also wanted to stop by our favorite vegan restaurant, Vegan Nirvana, and fill our bellies .  I’d often seen things on my ride that catch my eye and now was the time to take some photos of these things, and anything new that might have happened.

QL17GIII - 11
Sidewalk clutter // f/16 @ 500
QL17GIII - 12
Home along the bike route // f/16 @ 500
QL17GIII - 13
McFadden & Beach // f/16 @ 500
QL17GIII - 14
Abandoned Maytag building // f/16 @ 500

After filling our bellies with more food then we could eat we headed to whole foods to do our shopping.  It’s barley a mile between the two destinations but I took the opportunity to photograph buildings and places I’d always say I’d come back to as I wizzed by in my car.

QL17GIII - 15
Skyrise // f/16 @ 500
QL17GIII - 16
Weaving through // f/16 @ 500

These old school liquor stores always catch my eye.  Each one a different personality with a different story.

QL17GIII - 17
Top Hat Liquor // f/16 @ 500

In my state, like probably every other one, bikes are technically suppose to ride in the street with the other vehicles, but in my area doing that is taking life in your own hands.  As the time of writing this a weird goings on seems to be where people, pedestrians and cyclists, are getting hit by cars every time of day.  So when the street is to major or the traffic to thick my girlfriend and I ride on the side walk.  This guy however is all balls.  He had no problem riding right behind trucks and along side cars.  I hope he never gets hit.

QL17GIII - 18
More balls then I // f/16 @ 500
QL17GIII - 19
Thanks Bud // f/16 @ 500

Inside the dark lights of Ulta.

QL17GIII - 20
More Darkness // f/16 @ 125

On our way back home.  We ride down a residential round that takes us quietly through our route.

QL17GIII - 21
Van Buren & Heil // f/16 @ 125
QL17GIII - 22
Cross Walk // f/16 @ 125
QL17GIII - 23
That’s what a hamburgers all about… // f/16 @ 125

And that was the end.  I finished the roll right as I got home.  I’m really stoked with the images I got with it and am thankful my grandmother was always so generous with her love and her home.



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