Get Out More

I had been complaining.  I’d stare at my iPhone instagram screen.  Looking at all the crazy photos other photographers were out taking, especially the surf.  The live at the beach and boom boom there’s photos all over the place of surfers sailing through the ocean currents.  I’d felt I wasn’t working enough, I wasn’t out shooting enough of anything.  Everything everyone else was doing was sooooo much more interesting.  My girlfriend said quit your cluckin’ and go out and take some photos then.  I knew she was right.  I hadn’t gone out for a walk in a bit, the sun was setting, it looked like now was the perfect time.  Like always.

I grabbed my Nikonos IV-A with a Nikkor 35mm lens, a roll of film and took off.  We walked around the neighborhood, around back roads and down major thoroughfares.  Looking for anything that might catch my eye.  Anything to document the changing city around me.

NIVA35mmDiz-01Copy 1
Kick your shoes off



NIVA35mmDiz-02Copy 1

NIVA35mmDiz-03Copy 1
Last light of the day

Most of the local shopping centers aren’t in english.  When I’m stoned enough, which I love to be when I’m out on a stroll, It feels like I’ve some how washed up on a foreign shore.  Unable to read or speak to anyone.

NIVA35mmDiz-04Copy 1
Local shopping center

NIVA35mmDiz-05Copy 1

A car wash isn’t far from the shopping center, always busy in the evening with after work washers scrubbing the weekly grime of their weekly sledging on the cloged concrete super highways.

NIVA35mmDiz-06Copy 1
$1 car wash

NIVA35mmDiz-08Copy 1

An old motel is just past the motel.  In it’s heyday it must have an awesome sight to see.  Today it’s painted pink and probably is a weekly motel, lived in by people of all sorts for all different reasons.

NIVA35mmDiz-07Copy 1
Roach Motel

The sun is setting and light is getting dark.  I make my way back home through neighborhoods and past a water storage treatment thing.

I walk past a water treatment storage who knows what thing.  All I know about it is I’ve always like the lines of the circles, the low structures.

NIVA35mmDiz-11Copy 1
Water Storage

The day ended and I felt much better having taken some photos.

The sun rose on a new day and I’d planned to meet up with a surfer, Logan Richardson and capture some awesome surf photos.  I’d planned to take some digital photos of the session (check them out here), pumped from the walk around the night before I’d decided to get all Rambo and carry two cameras out in the surf.

I’d hopped for good surf and clear skies.  It had been beautiful mornings not that long before today, but when we walked through the parking lot toward the sand and surf the skies didn’t look promising and the surf didn’t look much better.  I was worried.

NIVA35mmDiz-12Copy 1
Friends hitting the surf

We all floated around in the water, waiting for some ripples to show up.  It was mushy and not much strength.  More a lake than the ocean.  Soon though the clouds shifted like they do and the undramatic skies that first greeted us gave way to a moody soul.  Lifting my spirits in the darkness.

NIVA35mmDiz-13Copy 1NIVA35mmDiz-14Copy 1

NIVA35mmDiz-15Copy 1
Logan Richardson

NIVA35mmDiz-16Copy 1

The surf must have thought it would be fun to play along and provided some decent longboard waves.  The surfers take off one by one.  Doing the dance they love to do.

NIVA35mmDiz-17Copy 1NIVA35mmDiz-18Copy 1NIVA35mmDiz-19Copy 1NIVA35mmDiz-20Copy 1NIVA35mmDiz-21Copy 1NIVA35mmDiz-22Copy 1NIVA35mmDiz-23Copy 1NIVA35mmDiz-24Copy 1NIVA35mmDiz-25Copy 1NIVA35mmDiz-26Copy 1NIVA35mmDiz-27Copy 1NIVA35mmDiz-28Copy 1NIVA35mmDiz-29Copy 1NIVA35mmDiz-30Copy 1NIVA35mmDiz-31Copy 1NIVA35mmDiz-32Copy 1NIVA35mmDiz-33Copy 1NIVA35mmDiz-34Copy 1NIVA35mmDiz-35Copy 1



DATE SHOT:  09/09/17 – 09/14/17

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