24 frames, 24 miles

When I first started my biking life I hadn’t imagined I’d be able to ride so far, or that I’d even want.  In beginning just the thought of riding 5-6 miles can be daunting, but as I stuck with the whole bike riding thing the miles have gotten easier.  With that easiness the thought of riding maybe 20 miles didn’t seem so difficult.

My girlfriend and I thought that Black Friday, or OptOutside for the non-shopper folks, would be an awesome opportunity for an epic bike ride, as we like to call them.  We had a few errands to run and I couldn’t miss the chance to take along the Nikonos for a ride.  I grabbed a 24 exposure roll of Arista Edu 400 and hit the road.

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 2.02.34 PM

We headed down the back neighborhood streets.  The way we usually weave ourselves through when we’re heading on our adventures.  Through apartments and homes, past churches and shopping centers.  There was a man walking down the middle of the road.  Like wonder woman but in an invisible car.

Old man in the middle of the road


Through the parking lot.

South on Harbor.  We’ve got to get to Santa Ana next, the one Black Friday sale we try to catch is at our local dab club.  Past a local shell that sits on the corner.  I think about how I don’t have the anxieties any more of do i have enough gas?  Can I pay for this gas?

Possible Buyer?

We get to the river bed, the local river trail.  My girlfriend rolls up to this mask.  It’s broken and empty.  Like many masks we all wear.

The mask we all wear

The club has no deals.  No matter.  We get what we need and head back to the river bed.  Gotta take it north to Chapman.  There’s no cars to worry about, no people or lights to miss.  Just a nice smooth ride.  It’s always a fun adventure with my partner by my side.

Partner In Crime

We get ready to go under our first over pass.  We roll down the hill and a man is standing in the middle of the bike path.  Crazy and dirty, swinging a stick in the air and smacking the ground.  He jumps up on the dirt incline and starts carving in the dry dusty dirt.  A quick look before he hits the ground some more.

Down the rabbit hole
The 22 freeway

After a short way on the road we come to the edge of a different place.  A place within a place, with their own rules and way of life.  I’m not sure how many but a large encampment of displaced people is set up.  Homes made of whatever they can fashion together into a delicate structure.

Edge of Town
Living under the Light

The old stopping grounds.  On the way to the Orange Circle we went through the neighborhood seeing forgotten familiarities.  Old hotels and quaint little homes.  The mark of the old town.

Gel Motel
Old Town Orange Home
Down by the tracks
Old Theater. New Life
The Aussie Bean
Lunch Plans
Truck Yard

Once the coffee was done and the walking around was enough we got on our bikes to hit the road toward home.

Down broadway
The Bike Shop
Heading South
Under the Freeqway

A stop off at target before getting to set food back in the house.  22 frames and 24(.6)miles.  An epic ride for sure.  I had just 2 or 3 frames left and was so high from the ride, and the sights and the photos I took that I wanted to develop the roll that night.  My good friend Tony suggested I go outside & take some selifes.  So why not?!?

Selfie #1
Selfie #2





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