Four Wheels to Two

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

They say the happiest people are those that can go with the flow.  Can be like water.  We all see them, it, they always seem to have a smile in their face, even in the toughest times they are happy despite the clouds covering their skies.

Over the last few months it seems that no matter what I couldn’t reach that internal, eternal sunshine that those people seem to have.  Stress upon stress piled up on me and I couldn’t figure it out.  I didn’t want or expect much.  Pay my bills without a problem, buy a cheap 5 dollar movie or some cat treats for those little bastards.

The thing that seemed to be the source of my anxiety?!?  The car is what I came to.  The four wheeled beast became that stone around my neck, and a large one it was.

Let me break it down for you.  I live in Southern California, Orange County to be exact, and we’re raised to believe that life will end if you don’t sink you soul into the four wheeled beast.  What it’s five miles away, OMG, what will I ever do?  You’ve got to have good car insurance, cause we all live in our cars, and because there’s five million other cars on the road your insurance is high.  I paid 236 a month for my beater van, over 15 years old this thing ain’t no classic muscle car or high brand luxury vehicle.  That 236 doesn’t even include if something breaks or gas to get to and from point A to point B.  If I did minimal driving each week I’d still spend about $50 a week for gas.  Making a basic month for me around $436 a month.

These four wheels were costing me a small fortune.  Leaving me no cash to even go do anything.  The solution?

100% bike commuting.  I have switched over two life on two wheels.  I’ve begun the process of going through my rarely used camper mini van and ditching the car for good.

What am I hoping to gain from this new found sense of financial freedom?  More film I can buy, more trips I can go on, more restaurants to get robust at.  In short, more experiences.

I’ve already been shooting more film.  Making sure to take this little Vivitar PN2011 camera along with me on most of my trips.  There’s always something

Processed with VSCO with c7 presetinteresting on the rides.  There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by that I haven’t taken at least one shot on a ride.  Bound to a car the freedom to easily pull an snap a shot isn’t as easy, & I’m the kind of person that never seems to find the time to come back later, and often that magic moment that once made you want to take the photo is lost.

The new found inspiration found on my adventures are also leading to some cool project ideas and a new found source of excitement.  Recent rides have lead to me rescanning old film and coming up with great ideas for zine projects.  When my mind is allowed to wander and not worry about traffic I find myself more productive.

Check back soon for more bike adventures & my thoughts about life on two wheels.


CAMERA:  iPhone 6 Plus   //   PHOTO SOFTWARE: VSCO

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