The Whole Roll

It was a crisp cool, but sunny, morning.  Must have just been the beginning of fall, the only way you can tell is the fullsuited surfers riding on their waxed up boards, the uncrowded line up another tell-tale sign of the coming winter.

Neighborhood dogs barked and yipped.  Charging wooden fences.

HolgaSlide 21

Blue skies, not sure why I took this photo or if it’s of the sky really.

HolgaSlide 22

Surfers look at the waves.  Finally free of black balls and crowded waves.  Tourist go home, the locals are here to stay.

HolgaSlide 23HolgaSlide 24HolgaSlide 25HolgaSlide 26HolgaSlide 27HolgaSlide 28HolgaSlide 29HolgaSlide 30HolgaSlide 31HolgaSlide 32


These images are scanned all from the same roll of film.

CAMERA:  Holga 120N   //   FILM:  Kodak Ektar 120 film   //   LOCATION:  Huntington Beach, California

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