Good Morning iPhone Sleep Tracker/Alarm

Who doesn’t hate the sound of an alarm going off?  But quite often we need to get up.  Gotta get to class, don’t want to be late for work, maybe you’re leaving for a trip or gotta get to the surf first for the dawn patrol you’d been promising yourself you’d go to.

We also live in an age of tracking everything.  I’ll admit I track a lot of stuff.  Hikes, beers I drink, books I’ve read and anything else I can find a cool app for.  So a sleep tracker would be right up my ally.

For my first review of some sort of app I’ll be showing you a little bit of a current sleep app I’ve been using named Good Morning App.


This app is pretty straight forward and has a minimual amount of things on the screen to confuse you.  When you start up the app you’re asked what time you want to wake up.  Pretty straight forward.  Just roll the numbers and hit sleep.  Want to choose a time you’ve used before then just slide left and you’ll get a list of all the times you’ve woken up while using the app.  Ready to hit the hay and hit sleep.

Now, one of the cool things that I really liked about this app is that I can still track my sleep, but by if you hit the blue clock icon (the one in the third photo) then I can track everything without an alarm going off.

While you sleep the phone tracks your sleep patterns, make sure the phone is close to the bed or on it.  I’m a weirdo and sleep with the phone at the head of the bed.


As the nights pass you’ll start to see patterns in the way you sleep and what nights lead to good sleep and which ones lead to not so good sleep.

I know now that on nights that my girlfriend falls asleep with the TV on are the nights that I get my poorest nights of sleep, so of course on the nights when we just go to bed.  Get into bed and turn off all the lights and just sleep I feel great.

Each week is then grouped into a week set so you can see the average throughout the week.

Want to see the detailed read of each day then just pick on and click on it with your thumb.  You’ll get some charts like the ones below.

Here’s a look at three different days with three different reads.  You’ll see some fun Zzz’s to let you know when you finally fell asleep, then there’s spikes and valleys showing you the lighter sleep patterns and your deep sleep periods, how long you were in bed and the like.

The only other thing on this app is the settings.  This is where you’ll put the goal amount of time you’d want to try and hit for sleeping, how loud the alarm is, snooze time and even the weather for each day.

The most helpful thing about this app is the alarm range.  Say you want to wake up at 6:00, it’ll give you a range of time (I’m using 30 minutes) that it’ll find use to find the right time to wake you.  Most likely when you’re in a lighter phase of sleeping.

All in all I really like this app and have been using it as my go to alarm and sleep tracker.  So, if you’ve got an iphone and are looking to try a new sleep app then I couldn’t recommend Good Morning App more.

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