Hike 14: Buck Gully Trail Pt. 2

Hike 14/52: Buck Gully Trail


It had been a bit since my last hike at the Patriot Trail.  There’s was some wicked weird muggy weeks there in August and September that didn’t make you feel like walking to the fridge, let alone go for a hike go for a hike.  So when I got back on the trail I picked a spot I’d been a few times before.

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 5.15.01 PM

I’d hit the trail at a decent time, the skies still overcast, fall was definitely showing up.  I started my recorder for the trail and set off.  Since I’d already done a few posts I’d figured on the way out I’d just enjoy the hike and focus on the moment.  The trail was pretty empty, a few morning runners enjoying the empty trails of fall.  A mountain biker or two flew through the tracks, terrifying you if you were aware to the sounds around you.  The hum of tires give you a fair warning, like a bomb buzzing down.  Closer and closer.  A little side trail, Bobcat, looked interesting but the super steep start up makes you think twice.  Back to Buck Gully.  The creek was full, bubbling below the trail.  Less birds and bugs around.  Browns and damp leaves of fall already dressing the trees.  Coming back to a trail time and again you get to see the season paint the scene differently with each passing day.  It becomes like an old friend that you grow old with.

On the way back I thought of taking a photo to share for the hike but when I went to snap the lovely photo on my phone I was told.  No comprendo.  Camera full.  No worries.  Just enjoy the moment.

Till next time trail.

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