“Hatchet” by Gary Paulsen

I kind of remember this book.  I remember it being fourth or fifth grade, maybe even sixth.  Who knows.

Flash forward to present day, then rewind a few months back, and now I’m 36 and reading an article on the Art of Manliness about this book, “10 Wilderness Survival Lessons from Hatchet”.  All of a sudden I have vague memories about this boy lost in the woods after a plane crash.  How he survives and his discoveries about himself.

After reading the article I’d thought, damn I’d love to re-read that book as an aware adult now.  Few days later I’m at my local Goodwill, and BAM.  There it was on the book shelf.  99¢ how could I pass that up.  I nabbed it and cracked it open.

The story, this second time around, was less thrilling than I remember it being.  I remember it through child’s memories and some what remember this feeling of anxiety, being lost in the Canadian wilderness, than I did this time around.  Maybe it’s cause I knew the ending, maybe it wasn’t as detailedly written as I’d thought it was or what.  I definitely noticed the lessons and points the author was making more this time around than before, maybe because I’m older now and know a bit more.  While reading this I did think this would make a really awesome longer, more detailed story of some sort.  Something a more advanced reader would enjoy.

Maybe after reading this post you’ll want to re-read the book, it’s definitely worth the few afternoons it would probably take you to finish.  If you love the outdoors it’s definitely worth a quick read, it’ll have you longing to get out side and test your skills.  Can you survive?  Have kids?  They’ll probably love the teenage centered character & maybe get them excited for adventures themselves.  Want to take a trip down memory lane?  I’m sure most of us read this.

So if you see a good deal, or have this collecting dust on your own shelves, I’d say pick it up and give it a read.  You just might find yourself on a wild adventure.

Want to buy your own copy, then head on over here and buy yourself a copy.

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