Still Abandoned

I’d forgotten about this place.  I guess that’s what makes abandoned buildings abandoned.  One minute there’s life there, people come and go.  The sound of feet shuffling on floors, the voices mingling together making a din of unrecognizable noise.

Then it stops.  It’s gone and the life that floated through those walls and windows becomes silence.

Twelve years or more has passed since this place was alive.  Once a car dealership that moved not far away.  When the business left things got run down.  People started living in the dealership, using it at night for their destructive deeds.


I’d driven by this place all the time since it’s closing.  Swearing one day I’d go inside and see what was in there.  I’ve always loved abandoned places and found a dark beauty to them.  What happened inside these walls always tickling my mind.  I found a way in, it wasn’t very difficult with the kicked in doors and broken windows.  Meant the places was still active, just not the kind I’d probably like.  Heading in I ran into a guy that lived there and was taking his dog for a walk.  He said I could have a look around but I still didn’t want to linger to long.


I’d made my back to the repair bays.  A large area I remember during my childhood was always busy.  Cars up and down.  Cars in and out.  Now it’s torn down, shopping carts and broken monitors litter the asphalt lot.




Getting the sense that I’d gone far enough on my own.  I turned around to head back to the front. The show room needed some more exploring.  Warnings scribbled in spray paint on almost every door.  Rafters falling down.  I remember coming here as a child with my mother to get our mini van serviced.  Now it was a different life.


It’s been 12 years now, maybe more, and though this particular building has been torn down, it’s soul is still abandoned.  More than 5 years ago another structure had been built in it’s place, but for 5 years now that skeletal structure sits abandoned.

Maybe some places are meant to be abandoned.



CAMERA:  Canon Digital Rebel

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