I love a good thrift store for some reading material.  You find some of the strangest titles from way back when that you’d never find through amazon.

I’d found this book on the church thrift store shelves in a small town in Packwood, Washington.  An awesome 70’s tale of giving up the cubical life, the 9 to 5 grind of office life and take for the simple life in the mountains.  Sounds a bit like what’s going on right now.  Ditch the normal life and take to the hills to cleanse your soul with the simple life hard work.

Sounds like a perfect summer time read in the PNW mountains.

When I started reading the book though I realized it wasn’t so much about the life away from the usual that we’re told we need to live in everyday, but about the woman’s faith in the situations that seem to not have away out.

I won’t get to much into the summary of the story so if you’d like to read it yourself there’s no surprises taken away from you.  I will tell you though that it is a pretty quick read and nothing to terribly complicated, but the book is good, if you’re looking for that sort of spiritual/life type thing.

It’s an old book, being published back in 76, so it might be a challenge to find, but like everything else you can find it on Amazon right here.

So if you get a chance read the book, maybe it’ll help you at this moment in your life, then I’d say go for it.  It never hurts to read a new book.

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