Hike 13: The Patriot Trail

Hike 13/52: Patriot Trail

3.6 miles, out & back
PARKING:  Free residential parking

A lot has happened between hike 12 and this hike.  Where does the time go?  Here it is August though and I’m finally back on the trail.  Today’s hike took my girlfriend and I to Patriot Trail in San Juan Capistrano.

Getting off the 5 freeway at exit 79 you wander up a residential road to the trailhead.  A wide street with plenty of parking is the spot you stop and get out.  There’s plenty of space to park and get ready.  I grabbed my pack, my comfy walking stick, a camera and hit the trail.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 3.32.21 PM

When you walk through the trail head gates you’re greeted with a web of trails leading up hills and around turns.  There’s so many adventures to choose from, we took the main road that headed north.  A nicely treaded service road that is easy to walk along.


You’ll twist and turn up some hills, about 0.6 miles from the start, before coming the steepest and most challenging of the hills.  At the top you’re rewarded with a beautiful view and a baby tree just starting it’s life.

The Doheny Beach and breakwater can be seen in the distance.  The Pacific Ocean beyond that.


Looking south you see the urban sprawl, crawling closer and close to the wild.  The hills being beaten back by cookie cutter homes and freeways transporting souls back and forth.


These cottony type flowers have lost their colors, letting these little seeds loose in the wind.  Dancing gently across the dry lands.


Near the end you see the trail’s namesake flying in the wind.  A large American flag flying in the air.


If you make it to the end you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful view of the harbor below.  A picnic table for the perfect sunset break after an evening hike.  Something I’ll make a point to do in the future.  At the time I took this hike there was a type of log book or registry for anyone to sign, as long as you make it to the end.


When you’re ready turn right around and head on back.


On the way out I’d notice smaller foot paths that would fall away from and return to the main dirt road.  I decided to try one of these paths and see how it was.  They were so worth the detour.  They had a more wild feel to the rather than the wider service road.


Before getting back to the residential road, we came across a dance party full of dragon flies.  floating back and forth in the late summer air.


On to the next adventure.


CAMERA: Canon 7D   //   LENS:  Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5 Fisheye   //   EDITING SOFTWARE:  Adobe Lightroom

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