You’ve Just Got To Get Out

I had hopped there would be a nice, cloud spotted sunset over the weekend.  I grabbed my camera and headed to the HB Pier.  A 1850 foot pier that stretched out above the Pacific Ocean, 100 feet above sea level.  This pier is a great place to catch the evening show, or to watch other people just walking around.

Who Dis?!?
Washing off the joys of the day.
Why you taking my picture?

The further you walked out on the pier the more the wind whipped and whirled.  Helicopters flew over head, watching for anything.  The best seat in the house for a sunset show.

Food riot in progress!
People below the pier.

The surf was choppy and sloppy.  Nothing even worth surfing or paddling out for.  That never stops one of two souls.  Maybe it’s their only time in the week to just be able to float.

Sometimes the float is all you need.

I’ll find a set.

All along the rails were people doing their evening fishing.  For some families this is a regular ritual, how they get most of their food.  Kids and animals lear the the routine & do what they do while others fish.

Children playing while parent’s fish off the HB Pier.

The sunset was nothing as spectacular as I’d hoped.  I dream of sunsets like I saw at Blackies at the beginning of the summer.  Nature often can’t be replicated and most certainly can never be demanded to do what she doesn’t feel like.

Either way though the evening wasn’t without it’s own unique beauty.

Palms in light.
Tiki Tiki stickers as I walked back to my car.


CAMERA:  Canon 7D  //   LENS:  Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5   //   EDITING SOFTWARE: Adobe Lightroom

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