Nick Zajicek

A bit back, in June I believe, I’d posted a little ad on Craigslist looking for anyone willing to get shacked for my picture taking enjoyment.  I didn’t get many hits as of yet, but one shortboarder took the challenge.

Nick was just such a surfer.  Nick’s a local surfer that rides for Zuhg Life Surf Shop in Lincoln City, Oregon and rides pretty regularly in Pro/Am contests up and down the coast.

We met up and he quickly made me love photographing some shortboard surfing.  Over the last week and a half I’ve met up with Nick five different times and got some amazing photos in all kinds of different surf and lighting.

07/02/17:  HB Cliffs, Huntington Beach, CA.

We met up at Huntington Beach’s Dog Beach, also known to surfers as the HB Cliffs.  Nick was an awesome guy and super enthusiastic for not just surfing but the ocean in general.  The skies were overcast, the surf looked big.  The waves in Huntington break farther out than places I surf, my spots are more longboard geared.  Long mellow waves to take you and your log on a cosmic ride.  These waves are big, the break far out and deep.  The currents were strong.  Nick mentioned that we would just float.  Float we did.  There was no way I’d be able to swim even if I’d wanted to.  The water most certainly deep, I couldn’t even touch the floor with the tip of my fins.  Murky waters let my mind wander to thoughts of things bumping my leg, taking bites out of me.  Something else would tell me to “Oh Knock It Off!!”  I got as close to Nick as I could to catch the most amount of action, all my efforts were pushed back by the waves.  Just float.  We got out a time or two and walked back up the shore to get back in and just float.  This session showed me the flashy showy style of shortboards.



07/07/17: Northside HB Pier, Huntington Beach, CA.

The following Friday we met up again, this time for a sunnier, trunk ridden surf at the northside of the Huntington Beach Pier.  The water was warm the skies bright and clear.  It looked like some had finally gotten here.  The north bound tide was nothing to compete with, I didn’t have to be in such deep waters.  It was one hell of a day.  The surf was picking up.  Good form.


07/08/17: Sunrise at 50th Street, Newport Beach, CA.

This.  This was the morning.  The light was perfect.  Coming up over the million dollar homes that line the sand.  The waves were a surprise in perfection.  I met up with Nick around 5:45am.  The glassy conditions in the early morning hours should be amazing.  I got there early.  Early enough to take a 20 minute power nap in the back of the van.  Got a text.  Time to get ready.  Out on the shore around 5:49am, the perfect hour.  The waves were barreling.  Nick kept trying time and time again to get a barrel, his tall stature making it a challenge for this tall & lanky man.  No matter what he worked it.  This was by far the best of the sessions we’d had.


07/11/17:  36th Street, Newport Beach, CA.

The surf kept getting better so we decided and to push out luck and try for another awesome day of surf.  This time we went a little more south and hit up 36th Street.  Put the luck can’t be pushed.  Even though the surf was pretty awesome it was cloudier than then Saturday and we couldn’t get that golden glow we had.  The surf was up to the challenge though and managed to get some great turns.  So far everytime I’ve shot with Nick I’ve managed to get an epic air that he pulls off.


Backside of an air.


07/14/17: 36th Street, Newport Beach, CA.

Wanting to keep this good run going we met up for another morning of shooting.  I met up with Nick again at 36th Street to see what we could find.  I showed up late cause of the problem of over sleeping, and a 30 minute parking spot hunt that you’ve got to do in the summer I finally got to the water.  Not long in the water before Nick had to get out with an injury from his surfboard.  We got a couple of good ones.


It’s been a lot of shooting these 5 times & has me jonesing to keep on shooting.

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  1. tobyvphoto says:

    Gotta keep shooting.


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