OC Pride 2017

“I know you can’t live on hope alone; but without hope, life is not worth living. So you, and you and you: you got to give them hope; you got to give them hope.”  – Harvey Milk

A Sunny Parade

I’ve been to quite a few Gay Pride events through out my almost 15 years being out.  LA, Long Beach, Oakland and Orange County.  In those 15 years I’d never made it to an actual parade.  The idea of dealing with normal LA traffic is bad enough, let alone the boomin rainbow traffic that would come with a parade.

This year is all about change.  This too was something I was going to change.  I was going to see my first Gay Pride Parade in my own county.

The parade would be traveling south on Main Street, starting at the intersection with Washington.  We got dropped off a block away and hoofed it to where the parade would be taking place.  We grabbed a curb and waited for the colorful festivities to begin.


The excitement in the air was thick.  People happy to be who they are, to show their love for one another.  Even though these events are for those in the community to feel peace and joyous in who they are it’s also about people in general coming together to show love for souls they’ve never met.  To celebrate the many colors of the rainbow.

Many passerby’s would ask what the parade was for, what was going on.  No matter who they were, all of them said everyone seemed so happy, so nice.  It’s amazing the liberation a soul will feel when they’re allowed to be free.  A free soul can create such beauty.



There were booths and vendors, tons of little Knick-nacks you could win by spinning the wheel.  I’d gone to have fun and not focus on photographing people, but of course I couldn’t quite help it and snapped a few portraits.

No matter where Gay people go there seems to be one or a group, of people telling us we shouldn’t be.  There was one man there doing the same thing.  Preaching words he didn’t understand, trying to bring down happiness that maybe he never felt.  Maybe something he was jealous of.  Only God would know.  He didn’t stay long when a group he was lecturing made it clear he wasn’t welcome.  When I walked back from VLVT, the crowd and him were gone.

I hope one day he’ll find true joy.

No matter what I had a blast at the event and am so happy I went.  To be with my community again, to be able to walk around with out fear of harassment or stares meant everything to this little Trans* soul.



CAMERA: Canon 7D   //   LENS: Canon 50mm f/1.4   //   EDITING SOFTWARE:  Adobe Lightroom

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