Hike 2: Weir Canyon Easter

Hike 2/52

3.7 Mile Lollipop Loop
Parking:  Free

*Looking at my last post of Hike 11 I realized that I had never done a post for my 2nd hike of the 52 Hike Challenge.  Now’s it’s a few minutes late, but they say better late than never.

I fell in love with this trail when I came last week on a misty Saturday.  Wanting to share this lovely hidden treasure with my partner I decided it was good enough to go back a second time.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 8.32.46 AM

Last time I was here the sky was gloomy, misty, and the hills a beautiful green.  The sun danced in and out of the clouds.  Tickling the hills with their light.  This week was a complete opposite to that gloomy Saturday.

The hills were still a beautiful green, the warm days of late spring and summer not yet burning away the emerald greens of the grass and trees.


My girlfriend had a blast on the trail, and always brings a hoop.  She even managed to hike & hoop at the same time.  Backpack and all.


Having taken a lot of photos on Hike 1 I tried to just enjoy the trail with my partner.  Taking in things I may have missed the first time around.

The baby toads I’d seen just a week before on the back half of the trail were now gone.  Kind of glad and kind of sad.  Glad cause they were so small and so many I didn’t want to crush any under my boots, but also kind of sad because I wanted to see their sweet faces again and share their cuteness with my girlfriend.


I believe in signs.  Little hints from the universal energies about things.  Good or bad.  It may sound strange and it’s hard to explain.  I’d never noticed this before on my last hike but it was strange to me to come upon what my intuition told me was another sign.


Bright sunshine on a cool morning hike.  There was so much beauty to see at each rise and fall of the trail.


Taking a break at the top of the last hill, my girlfriend brought along some crystals to recharge their energies.


This was a really fun hike and one I’m glad I got to share with my partner.

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