Blissful Bum Surfboards

Bryce Frazelle.  Owner & shaper of Blissful Bum Surfboards

If you visit a spot often enough you get to know it, you also get to know the people that love that place as much as you.

Last week I’d been shooting at Blackies Beach, having some fun in the waves.  I’d noticed this curly haired red head, tall and lanky, trunking it in the crystal clear water.  At the time I’d thought nothing of it.

It’s funny how the universe brings people together.

A few days after my weekend shooting I was hit up by that same surfer.  He turned out to be Bryce Frazelle, owner & shaper of Blissful Bum Surfboards (@blissfulbumsurfboards).

An Orange County native, Bryce has been by the water’s edge ever since he was 5.  Coming to Blackies back in the day, falling in love with her magic waters.

Now 19 Bryce is a year out of high school & following his love of the sea and starting up his own surfboard shaping company.  Specializing in 60’s & 70’s designs isn’t the only flashback feel. This young body has an old soul.  Quiet but watchful.  He has himself surrounded by the sea.

When Bryce hit me up I jumped at the chance to photograph a budding shaper.  We’d planned originally to shoot at his home break, but when a thick fog and not so hot waves were what we found in the parking lot we decided that Doheny Beach might be the spot to try.

South on PCH we went.

The decision was the right one when we were greeted with overcast skies and some epic high tide surf.  3-4 foot, I’m sure a 5 footer was thrown in there for good measure.  Bryce paddled to the outside while I floated and waited for the sets to roll in.


The lack of sun granted us a lack of surfers.  Solo rides all around.


Bryce caught several awesome rides, all on his hand shaped, home made 9’2″ single fin log.  The board had awesome shape, a smooth glass job and definitely showed you in the water that this kid’s got a beautiful future ahead of him.



The shaper & the shape.

Out maybe an hour it was fantastic watching this young man do his dance with the ocean waves.

I’m looking forward to photographing this shaper & following him on his journey through life & through the ocean waves.

Of course I can’t leave without saying this.  If you’re looking for an awesome surfboard, if you like supporting local artisans and craftsmen, if you’re looking for a new board.  Then you’ve got to hit this guy up and get your mitts on one of his beautiful boards.





CAMERA: Canon 7D   //  LENS: Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM   //  SPL Splash Housing Unit   //   EDITING SOFTWARE: Adobe Lightroom 5

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  1. Cynthia Soto says:

    Ben I think you have a talent here with your writing. Of course your photos are awesome.



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