Into the Blackness

Last week was nothing but gloom.  It drizzled, to us it looked like rain, but over the weekend the clouds moved out of town and on Sunday they left a beautiful reminder of why we should be happy they’re around.

I made the decision to hop in the van and head down to Blackies Beach in Newport Beach, CA.  Blackies was packed as perusual on the weekend.  After a few minutes of circling, I felt like a shark, I was blessed with a spot.  It was after 6, parking was free, even if the sunset wasn’t spectacular, it would still be fun.

Awaiting for the magic moment, I walked around the pier not wanting to get to far from where I planned to shoot.

The tower everyone sees from the water.


As the sun began to fall below the horizon the magic began to happen.  With every passing second within the 2 hours I was there the beauty became more and more obvious.


Hold still, I need to put you on Instagram.


The purples and pinks slowly mixing into the blues and golds of the skies pallet.


As I walked back to my van I saw the many faces of watchers staring not at the beauty it’s self, but through a screen.  It made me glad I watched without touching my phone.

The grand view.



CAMERA:  CANON 7D   ///   LENS:  Tokina 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 Fishey   ///   EDITING SOFTWARE:  ADOBE LIGHTROOM

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