Hike 9 & 10: Buck Gully Trail

Hike 9 & 10

Buck Gully Trail

4.6 miles out & Back
Parking:  Free street parking

I’ve heard a bit about this trail; snuggled in a canyon of the rich and fancy of Newport Beach… oh sorry Corona Del Mar.  Really it’s Newport but you know they’re fancy.  A friend of mine from St. Louis that moved out here mentioned the awesomeness of this trail, and a friend that lives in the area had mentioned it to me & I just had to check it out.

Hike 9

Saturday, June 3rd was National Trails Day and I never seem to do these funny little national holidays or whatever they are.  I was determined to do this National day though.  National Trails Day is a great way to get people out of their homes, off their buns, and out in nature.  Walk some of that frustration off.  See the real world, not just a computer screen.  I was already taking part in the 52 Hike Challenge & wanted to get this day in that challenge.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 2.28.15 PM

This trail is super fun and really cute.  What I loved the most was the stream that runs along side and over, sometimes under the trail as you walk through the hilly valley.


The trail itself is a smaller, single tract trail that most of the time needs to be hiked single file.  Leave No Trace tells me I should do that anyway, but its a great place to practice.  The bushes are still green.  Flowers dot the bushes adding spots of color.  Unknown leaves let off a perfume that drift into the air.

This trail is a heavily trafficked trail, with other walkings coming and going up the single track.  This is also a trail that mountain bikers use frequently, so keep an ear and an eye out for these rockets sailing around the unseen curves of the trail.  On my 10th hike my girlfriend and I almost got barreled over by the mad riders.


Crossing over several of these bridges it’s a great spot to stop and just listen to the trail.  The birds, the breeze in the leaves and the singing of the stream._WM_0345_WM_0347_WM_0350

Beautiful flowers and leaves beg you, and bees, to come and see their beautiful faces.  Not as abundant as in the earlier spring but the color still adds enough to the trail to make you slow your pace.


The wooded areas are some of my favorite, this trail in many ways reminded me of wandering through the woods at my grandmother’s house in Randle, Washington.  Not far from Mount Rainer and Mount St. Helen’s I’d walk through fields and along waterfalls, see snow capped mountains and ever green trees.  Hike 9 especially, because it was hiked alone, I felt like I’d been taken somewhere else.  Somewhere not so Californian.


The elevation climb was not a difficult one.  Not more than maybe 460 feet I’d have to say, but by the time you get to the end you have a nice view of the hills and little valley below.



Hike 10

On Tuesday, June 6, my girlfriend wanted to check out this awesome trail that I hiked on Saturday.  So I took her back to this awesome Buck Gully Trail for a second hike.  Wanting to concentrate on speed mostly I left my big Canon 7D at home and just packed in my iPhone.  Looks like I went about 5 minutes faster than when I would stop and take photos with the 7D, so It’s no big deal about carrying it I guess.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 2.48.58 PM

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So that’s it.  Check back later in the week for more photos and my next big hike.  If you’re looking for an awesome little Orange County gem then we may have a winner here.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Nice description of your hike. Really enjoyed the photos.


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