Sunday Fins

In Southern California we get the June Gloom.  A heavy cloud cover that lingers around our shores till about 3pm before being replaced later that evening by more clouds.

Blackies as covered, by clouds and surfers.  Sunday’s at this beach; the small 4 row parking lot right on the shore, cause this parking lot to fill up almost to capacity by 6:30am.  The parking lot opening at 5, you’ll see your little herd of local vans, all parking closest to the pier, keeping the non locals and newbies down at the other end.

The water was packed, every wave a party wave.  A few riders were able to sneak in a solo ride.


Ryan Jimenez


Vanessa Yeager


The surf has been awesome, the only thing forcing me out of the water was the fact that I’d filled up the “small” 8GB CF card I’d had on me.  Otherwise I could have been out all morning.

Also, found out later on Sunday; now I don’t know how much of this is true or not; I heard that there were a reported 17 great white sharks just off this beach I was splashing around in.  I don’t know if it’s true.  I don’t know how far off they were or what but I’m lucky if they were close to have not attracted their attention.  They’re always out there mind you, sometimes just closer than others.


CAMERA:  Canon 7D   //   LENS:  Canon 50mm f/1.4   //   SPL Splash Waterhousing   //   EDITING SOFTWARE:  Adobe Lightroom 5

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