John & C-Luv

Wednesday looked like it was shaping up pretty nicely down at my local-not-local break.  I wanted to get in the water again with my camera & this seemed like the perfect time to head on out.

I’d decided it was time to photograph my girlfriend, an always willing model, and meet up with a friend I’ve been chatting with on  instagator, aka Instagram, John.

I showed up at 10am Standard Mexican Time (10:42am in normal time) and took a dip.  Here’s what I got from my hump day in the water.




Spider Amigo


See any sharks?


C-Luv, waiting for her set.
Mr. TJ heading out for more.


Flocks above, flocks below.  In the distance is a lifeguard boat looking at something
Staring up in space
Come to inspect my work.

I don’t know if people are messing around, or if it’s super serious, but when I posted one of these photos on Instagram, people mentioned sharks and look out.  So I’m not sure if there were shark sightings near, or at Doheny recently, but I’ve been thinking since getting out of the water this day, how much I’d looked like a seal and I thank the Lord nothing had happened to me.  Right before leaving I saw a lifeguard boat floating around not far off shore.  There have been a lot of great white shark sightings, and even an attack recently at a different beach.  That makes me think sometimes.  Funny it’s never when I’m in the water, only when I’m out of it.

CAMERA: Canon 7D   //   LENS: Tonika 10-17 Fisheye f/3.5-4.5 DX   //   SPL Splash Waterhousing   //   EDITING SOFTWARE:  Adobe Lightroom 5

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