Foggy Frames


What the hell happened here?

Saturday I showed up at Blackies all pumped and jazzed to go out and take some photos at the famous beach break.  Get out of my car.  The sun is coming up perfectly, I’m stoked.  Plenty of good waves and awesome looking surfers out.  This should be good.  The stoke was high!!

I get out of the car, start to do my thing.  Prep the housing unit. Grab the camera.  Hmmm that feels fun.  The body doesn’t feel right.  Open up the battery compartment and boom.  There’s no battery!!!

OMG.  I suddenly saw the battery.  In the charger.  Hanging from my bedroom wall.  Of course I’d packed no other cameras, not even my Nikonos IV-A.  I’m a fool.  What the hell.  I couldn’t even stay around any more.  I packed up real quick and left the parking lot.  It wasn’t even 6:30 yet.

That was Saturday.  This is Sunday.

Sunday brought fog.  Thick fog.  Where the hell did the sun go?  Wasn’t there summer here just yesterday?!?  You couldn’t even see the end of the pier in the water.

What there was plenty of though, was surfers.

Waiting in space
Oliver cross stepping
Walking out.
Crowded, foamy ride.


Crash down
Stoked for life


CAMERA: Canon 7D   //   LENS:  Canon 50mm f/1.4   //   SPL Splash Waterhousing   //   EDITING SOFTWARE:  Adobe Lightroom 5

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