Just A Dip

When you get a new toy you’re jonesing to play with it all day until you can take it out, or bust open the box and throw it on the game system.  That new toy for me was the SPL Waterhousing Unit I picked up with my “new” Canon 7D camera.  I wrote a little thing about it here, but didn’t get a chance to take it out for a few days after getting it.

The weather was crap, cloudy and flat, mushy Doho waves were all I had to play with.  It didn’t matter, as long as I got to play.

With the “prime” conditions, and oh so sharky waters lately, it made to line up kind of slim pickings.  There was maybe a total of 3 guys out, but I wasn’t there for them this time.  I was there to play with the ocean.  I focused on getting a lot of texture shots, shallow depth of field, and trying to get the “curl” on the “pounding” shore break.

Once in a while one of the riders would catch an alright wave, or they’d manage to stay up, I think 2 of them were just learning.  The waves were the most spectacular, but when you’re out there all alone of this flowing wave it could be 1 foot, you won’t care, cause it’s just you and nature dancing together.


The most fun thing to watch when you’re out surfing isn’t the surfers really, but the birds that surf the winds of the waves.  They’ll often fly by, groups of three or sometimes a solo show.  Flying up, turning around, grabbing one right after the other, they find joy in riding the waves just like humans do.


Once in a while a perfect little tube would sneak in, giving me hope of some perfect photos one day.


The waves eventually mushed out as the tide rose, nothing to do but pack up and go.  For my first time with this kind of equipment I was stoked and happy to leave with what I had.  I learned a lot in this instance and can not wait to return again to our beautiful shores.


CAMERA: Canon 7D   //   LENS:  Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM   //   EDITING SOFTWARE: Adobe Lightroom   //   SPL Waterhousing Unit //

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