Etsy Shop Coming Soon

We’ve all got some sort of place where we want to try and sell the art work we make, I’m no exception.

So, I’m opening my own little shop.  I’ll be selling mostly my photographs that I’ve had printed, polaroids and instax prints, digital prints, along with some 120 & 135 photo prints.  The shop is gonna start off small, right now I’ve got literally one print up so I could get the shop running, but it is by no means anything right now.  Over the new month I’ll be photographing product and setting up listings.

Beside photographs I on occasion make other works of art, so you might see up there a water color I finished, maybe a pyrography piece I did or bellyboard for the surf I’ve shapped.  Mostly the place will be where I can sell my photography.   I’d thought it would be a good idea to help push me with my work and to give me a purpose other than just randomly taking photos.  With the end goal to sell a print it will hopefully push me and keep me focused.


So I hope you’ll come back and maybe you’ll see something you’ll like!!

If you want to take a peak right now, feel free to check it out.

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