I’ve been making more of an effort to photograph people I see that catch my attention, I see regularly or just something amazing that I want to make a tangible record of this soul.

This is David (davidosurfs).  He’s a regular around the local beaches and is just really an awesome guy!!  Always quick with a smile or high five.  David’s been beach bummin it around SoCal since the 70’s and has some sick ass stories of beach life and the way thing’s have changed.  As I grow older I appreciate more the things people have seen in their local areas.  The way life has changed, for good or bad.  David rides some sick boards and charges like he’s still a young grom.  You’ll probably hear him YEWWWWWing you on as the sets roll in or you catch that perfect little wave.  If you ever see this guy around the lot or out in the water, give him a high five or a smile.  Maybe even share a party wave with this guy!!

CAMERA:  Polaroid Land Camera 104   //   FILM:  FujiFilm FP-100C

*Personal notes:  I exposed this photo at the middle marker on the camera.  I love the tones and colors, but I should have turned him more to the sun, so you can see the left side of his face..  I hadn’t done that cause I didn’t want the cars behind my subject.  Next time I’ll move him towards the bushes more so i have the better background and better light.  I’ll make sure to take another portrait of David!!

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