May 29, 2014

If I remember right the spring and summer of 2014 was scorching hot, or maybe it was all the beer I’d been drinking, anyway it was toasty.  I wanted to hit the beach to cool off.  My girlfriend and I parked and Blackies, the beach north of the Newport Beach Pier, and walked the 2.3 miles down to Balboa Pier.  I brought along my Minolta Weathermatic 35.


Everyone was down at the beach, most of the masses keeping to around the piers though.  Colorful ants swarming out of their dens, marching to the cooling waters.

After walking far enough along the shore, my eyes hardly leaving the cresting waves, my girlfriend said go.  So I ran for the refreshing waters of the pacific ocean.

Summer is always a special time in the south land, before we know it, it’ll be here and gone in an instant.



Camera: Minolta Weathermatic Dual35   //   Lens:  N/A   //   Film:  FujiFilm Superia 400 //   ISO: 400

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