Hike 4: The Weir-d Canyon Way

Hike 4/52

Weir Canyon Trail

3.8 Mile Lollipop Loop
Parking: Free street parking

Monday my girlfriend & I packed up the van and hit the road for…. not the trail at first, but for Doho.  We wanted to catch some surf and was hoping it would 1 foot and firing.  The drive down to Dana Point was easy, traffic barely a thing, which was a surprise.  When we pulled up in the Boneyard parking lot the weather looked like crap, and the surf was the same to match.  Windy, grey, choppy and flat, the Quartet of Evil for a surfer.  Sometimes we’ll change and brave the surf to have some solo fun in the chop.  This time though we drove the 35 miles back to the grove, snatched up our trail gear and headed to Weir Canyon Trail for a hike, my 4th in the #52HIKECHALLENGE.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 2.08.58 PM

This was my third time on this trail and this time was no different in awesomeness, but totally different in it’s own ways.  Instead of breaking out early and beating the noontime heat we’ve been having, we did just the opposite and set out on trail at about 11am.  This was gonna be crazy.  As we set out on the loop and bared hiker’s right we went through the switch backs that carry you along the low side of the hill here.  The beautiful yellow flowers were already past their awesome super bloom phase.  The yellows not as vibrant along the trail, but out on the hills you could still see patches of color dotting the grasses.

The trail is just a little over 3 miles, due to the heat of mid day it seemed much longer than usual, when the heat seemed a bit much (I know I’m sounding whiny right here) but as soon as you’d come around this bend or reach the top of a switch back this beautiful breeze so cool you’d let out a sigh, mingling your energy with it’s.  A beautiful feeling of joy and appreciation.

Though the hills were spotted with patches of brown, the flowers were still beautiful and blooming.  Some of the bushes are filled with spring color and yellows and golds of the summer sun.

Besides an abundance of flowers to catch your eye there were swarms of bees buzzing, dancing from petal to petal, as well as quite a few lizards sunning themselves on warm dirt paths.  Make sure to watch your step though because 2 snakes were spotted on trail, my girlfriend almost ran into one crossing the path, and I saw one sleeping in shade right at the edge of the trail near the end of our walk.  So, remember to keep an eye out and stay to the center of trail.

All in all this was a fun hike again, this trail on this day had no other people the whole time we were out.  When we came on trail there were 2 folks leaving and when we left trail there was a father and son just heading out.  Because summer is creeping up make sure to take plenty of water and snacks to keep you fueled.  I drank more water this time than the times before.

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Walking through Weir Canyon Trail.
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Rock walls on the switch back.
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Hoop Hike Champ.
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I see you buggy.
Processed with VSCO with c7 preset
Hoop resting after a long walk.

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