All Washed Out

Okay so we all see those awesome wave tube-shacked-up-in-the-curl photos that get posted all over the social medias.  They’re amazing, super cool to see and I’ve even been lucky enough to snap a few when I shot with a GoPro.

Do that with a film camera however and it’s not so easy.  Rapid fire of 30 frames a second sure helps capture the awesomeness.  One snap though and you’ve got to be just right.  It really takes knowing how the wave works at that spot, with that swell and tide.  Cause all those things come into play when you’ve got one frame before you’re closed out.

However if you can master it it’s more amazing than anything you’ll see from those DSLRs.  I, though, am not a master, not even close.  These babies are from about 3 years back now, no my talent at the film curl photo hasn’t grown but it’s a goal to work on this year.  These were all shot on a Minolta Weathermatic Dual35, a fun little camera I’ll have to buy again, it was my first dive (pardon the dumb pun) into surf photography and got me hooked on the curl for another reason.

Next month I’ll have a grip more film, I’ll begin bulk loading my own film, and can get out in the water regularly and start the beautiful journey to being one with the wave.

Camera: Minolta Weathermatic Dual35   //   Lens:  N/A   //   Film:  FujiFilm Superia 400 //   ISO: 400

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Especially like the penultimate shot, beautiful turquoise water.


    1. yes absolutely. I’ve been stocking up on some film the last few weeks & will be taking to the water again soon.


      1. I’ve just been given a rollei S66 which is a bit of a beast and is going to be a steep learning curve I fear! Eventually will post something from it but might be a while! 🙂 Look forward to your new shoots!


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