What Light


What is it about light that draws us, like moths to the flames?  Why do some ignore it, never seeing what is unseen, while others fly like Icarus to the burning sun?  I would stare at that sun as a child, its a miracle I’m not blinded, playing in elementary school I’d often stop and just stare at this marvelous star in the sky.  Big and bright, the shining light.

Subconsciously this love of the light is what drew me to photography, using a box to record the lights and lines, shadows and textures that drew my attention.  As you admit your love affair for light you begin to learn her (or his) fickle ways, changing minds from one second to the next.  There’s that moment, dont miss it.  The more on the dance floor with this partner the more you can read the signs.  Beautiful and bright.




Camera: Nikonos III   //   Lens:  35mm Nikkor Lens   //   Film:  FujiFilm Superia 200 //   ISO: 200

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  1. These are beautiful.


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