Take It Easy Man…

I am crazy.  I am bipolar, and OCD.  I find something and just like crazy, feet first into the untested waters.  Every time.  If it takes my interest i’m off like a rabbit.  Life is a sprint not a marathon when you’ve got ADHD.  What’s this.  What’s that.  I’m all gun-ho.  I’m sure you get it by now, but then what happens?!?  I burn myself out, spend my energy and concentration to quickly and I loose interest.  It’s happened to me about a million times.

I feel that motion happening again. That swing in my insanity.   I’ve fallen in love with photography again and because of all these things mentioned, and the feeling I have from being so far behind the pack that is blasted in my face on the daily social media bombardment.  I feel I’m so far behind so this adds to my fire of must hurry.  I’ve missed so much.  Life is to short.  Must catch up.

What’s different this time?  I’m seeing.  I’m seeing these motions of burning myself out, and because I don’t want that stress to carry me down I must step back.  I’ve got to take it easy with the amount I sink into this at once.  I was trying to jam out five decent posts a week of back catalog I have to scan, new work to post, going out and shooting, just writing in general that I was already burning myself out.

How am I gonna fix this?  I’m gonna minimize how much I post, how much I’m on my phone, how much I’m letting the things that lead to my worries actually take hold of me.  The flowers are blooming, the trees are growing and the birds are sining.  The waves are warming and the sun is dancing high in the sky.  Now seems as  good a time as any to get out and live life more.

I’ll see y’all soon.

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  1. 🙂 Organisation is the key to speed and efficiency! If it helps I do my ‘now’ blog 3 set days a week (Monday Mobile, Thursday Thoughts and Friday Film 🙂 ) and my long term blog for my back catalogue of digital work I update in between or at weekends, if I feel like it. Maybe structure would help you too. Anyway just a thought, see you when you get back 🙂


    1. Hey thanks. Yeah being scheduled and organized is probably key & keeping it not to heavy for me ya know. I often taken on to much and then get over whelmed. I’ll be back monday with some sort of thing to post. 🙂

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