Strange Days

A lot of times in my past I’ve made resolutions to do something.  To achieve a goal, be better looking, more outgoing, adventurous.  Every year I’ve blown it.  Hey buddy ya blew it.  This year though something has been different.  Maybe it’s the point in my life, the people I’m meeting, or any number of unknown forces.

This year one of my goals was to push myself further with my photography.   To photograph the people that interest me, the people in my lives.  To stop at those places that speak to me and say I’m so cool, come, remember me before I’m something else.

One of these goals was to photograph more people & daily life.  To carry my camera almost everywhere I could with me.  Have some instant film cameras has made this a much easier meditation, being able to see and share instantly an image I’d made without having to be tied to these pulsating machines.

For a few weeks now I’ve had this pack of FujiFilm Monochrome film sitting in my camera.  I’d been waiting for the most dramatic light, wanting to have shadows play across the lens, but instead I’d found the film likes al kinds of light.  From hazy mornings and dark nights, to the golden light of afternoon time.

I’ve noticed a blue cast on the images I’ve taken, more a blue chrome look than monochrome of black and grays.  Do I really care though?  No I don’t.  I find the blue cast gives the images their own look, like the way a painter will pick a specific brand of burnt siena cause it’s got just the right mix to it.

You get 10 exposures to the pack, and can find it some places on amazon for $10.  So that’s about a dollar a shot.  Not to bad.  Just like anything with film think a bit before you shoot and you should come out fine.  So definitely a bargain for the price.

Here are four images I’ve taken over the last week at a variety of times & lighting conditions.

Seeing Stars // Instax Neo 90 // FujiFilm Monochrome Mini Film
Lines & Palms // Instax Neo 90 // FujiFilm Monochrome Mini Film
Local Eatery // Instax Neo 90 // FujiFilm Monochrome Mini Film
Lines & Palms // Instax Neo 90 // FujiFilm Monochrome Mini Film

Camera: Instax Neo 90   //   Film:  FujiFilm Instax Monochrome  //   ISO: 800

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  1. Love the palm trees with shadows.


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