Hurricane Marie, Roll 7

Life isn’t always black and white.  Theres many shades of color, even black isn’t all the same.  This was the smallest day of the storm, missing the Big Wednesday I’d missed the big crowds and got to see a smaller, less famous group of riders show up.

I’d brought a variety pack of film with me, not knowing really what I was doing or giving things much forethought.  Something I’d never do now.  Times were different & now you tell yourself plan more.  Get better shots more consistently.  Push yourself farther.

0829-237 (FujiFilm 200)


*This is seventh of a ten post series.  Posts here’s thing one, thing twothing three, weirdo four and whats it number five, that sexy number six.

Camera: Canon AE-1 Program   //   Lens:  Canon 300mm FD Lens   //   Film:  FujiFilm Superia 200 //   ISO: 400



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  1. Beautiful tones in the wave roll, and fab silo of the guy with duck feet 🙂


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