Hypothermia Setting In

One who bathes willingly with cold water does not feel the cold.”  -Tanzania Proverb

Don’t get many winters out west.  When it’s 60 we freak out and gotta grab our peacoats and scarves.  People in other parts of the world laugh I’m sure.  Storm watch (put in whatever year it is) at the slightest sign of sprinkles for 3 hours or more.  The clouds cover and the sun only shines for 9 hours a day instead of the usual 12.  Just kidding, but you get the point.  Southern Californians and winter don’t mingle.

Once in a great while though we do experience “winter”.  2016/2017 was that winter.  The water was flat, and cold, or dirty and cold.  When the ankle biters and waist high waves rolled our way everyone would take to the water like lemmings.  These lemmings though weren’t prepared.  Frozen surf-sicles would dot the shores after they pushed their bodies to corpse like states.


I was one of those lemmings that was not prepared.  A stretched out 3:2 wetsuit that did no better than a pair of trunks I’m sure.  You bob shoulder high in the water.  Gotta get out further, dive under the waves.  A smack of ice to the face.  Ears stinging like you’ve been boxed.  Fingers numb, by the end of the roll I could barely advance the film to the next frame.


Coming into shore never felt so good.  Till the cold breeze blows.  Your feet hit the freezing sand.  A brown snow.  They ache from the winter.  Fumbling with shoelaces looking back at the place you’ve just come from and realize that you’ve never felt so alive.


Camera: Nikonos IV-A   //   Lens:  35mm Nikkor Lens   //   Film:  Ilford HP5+

Developer: Kodak -76   //   Stop Bath:  Kodak Indicator Stop Bath   //                                  Fixer:  Kodak Fixer   //   Cleaning Agent:  Kodak Hypo Agent

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