Yeshua & His Earth

Rocks and waters, etc., are words of God, and so are men.  We all flow from one fountain soul.  All are expressions of one Love.”  -John Muir

Farther back then the collective conscious of our minds can reach.  This earth was here.  The force of the universe bound in gravel and rock, water and wood.

I have grown up far from these natural forces, in the sprawling suburb of Los Orangeles.  Never ending lights and sound, concrete and sky rise.  Nature was a mystical unseen thing that made this city slicker a bit terrified.   Wolves and bears could get you at any moment.

What I have found however is completely different that what we’re taught to fear.  A world of silence and peace.  As the sounds of city life fell to the wayside I found my soul washed clean.  The force of nature stronger than anything man could do.

Words and photographs can not express the beauty that is blocked by our buildings, freeways, even this laptop.  I’m dreaming now of desert trees, rock formations the size of a house, rattle snakes and jack rabbits.  Sunsets & sunrises painted in perfect simplicity by the ever flowing energy force.  The coyotes call.  The edge of the milky way dancing over my head in a moonless sky.  In nature you see and feel the unity every living thing has to another.

All the same force in different forms.


Outside of this monument to the universe lies another monument to another unnatural force.  A park of stories, a park of faith, a park old and faded.  Beautiful in it’s own right, the dedication and time it must have took the person to build this was that of love.

No matter what you believe.  If he was man, if he was mad, prophet or god.  Who is to say?  Only your heart can tell you, but what you can not deny is that no matter who or what he was, he is still, always remembered.


Camera: Nikonos IV-A   //   Lens:  35mm Nikkor Lens   //   Film:  Ilford HP5+

Developer: Kodak -76   //   Stop Bath:  Kodak Indicator Stop Bath   //                                  Fixer:  Kodak Fixer   //   Cleaning Agent:  Kodak Hypo Agent


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