A Love Affair

In the surf world.  In the Southern California surf world.  Blackies Beach, and the neighboring pier, are an icon.  The wharf itself turned a hundred when I was turning 7 (1988, if  you were wondering), it has watched the soul this sleepy little stretch of beach change day in and day out as the hours rolled on.

When I was to weak, and small, to surf the larger waves of the Huntington Beach Pier I remember hearing about this spot not from someone else but from a surf movie.  The waves looked fun 60 or 50 years ago.  Maybe they were still fun.  Maybe the vibes of those days were still lapping up on the sandy banks.  I’d only know by going.

The water at this spot is always clear as class, small schools of fish can be seen swimming through the waves on any beautiful summer morning.  The waves usually small, and crash on soft sandy shores speckled with black and gold flakes.  Though I’ve moved on and found other surfing grounds this place will always hold a special place for me as the place I truly learned how to trust, not fear and surf to my hearts content.


They say if you can surf Blackies, you can surf anywhere in Orange County.


Now, for the nerdy photo bits.  Some spec info and my technical thoughts.

These shots were developed at home & you can see where I need a squeegee.  I’m not sure what the cloudy marks are in the sky, probably from either not agitating it enough, rinsing it out all the way or any number of things.  In these photos I think it adds a haunting feel to the images.

Also these are rolls that were 36 exposures.  If I’d be loading the film strictly on the old school Brooks film tanks I’d stick to 24 exposure rolls, but with a Lab Box coming in September I’ll see if I go back to 36 exposures.

Camera: Nikonos IV-A   //   Lens:  35mm Nikkor Lens   //   Film:  Ilford HP5+

Developer: Kodak -76   //   Stop Bath:  Kodak Indicator Stop Bath   //                                  Fixer:  Kodak Fixer   //   Cleaning Agent:  Kodak Hypo Agent

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