Something Bright…

In darkest night.

No, it’s nothing that depressing.  Life isn’t depressing.  It just…life .  I had a good little rhyme and had to use it, but I digress.

I can often be the kind of person that wishes I took as many photos as other.  Those awesome photographers, surfers, campers, climbers, bakers, anyone with a passion and sinks their soul into it full.  I have a habit of giving up what I love to accommodate others and their needs.  Coming to terms with it for me, and doing what I want, is a challenge because of the guilt I feel after I’ve made the decision to follow my heart, causing me to flip flop in decisions and just cause one big agitation.

The point of this little insight to my mind is that last night, instead of wishing I was like the other fire filled souls, out there doing their thing.  That I should be doing just that.  Out there doing my thing.  I snatched up my SX70, a pack of Impossible Project color film and drove some place I wanted to see in the dark.

Wienerschnitzel.  That’s right.  Wienerschnitzel.


The yellow and red colors pop so nicely against the blackened skies.

All of these shots were hand held, I metered the camera half a stop over.  Their a bit blurry but I’m super happy with the colors.

Camera: Polaroid SX70   //   Film:  Impossible Project SX70 Color film

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