Search Our Hearts & Our Minds

There’s something about writing your thoughts down.  It gives you aim in an aimless stormy seas or a road map of the journey you’ve taken.

Many do blogs with specific topics in mind, a particular road laid out nicely before them.  I can never seem to focus on one thing or another.  Jumping like a little frog from shinny lily pad to another.  Only touching for an instant before on to the next.  See, I can’t even remember what’s going on here…. Oh, yeah a little introduction.  I try to get poetic but really I should just write it as it flows from my mind, a constant un-ending stream of rabble.

This little space I’ve claimed for my own is going to be about my life. In general.  The art I love, the things I see, the life I live day to day.

I’m sure you’re wondering who the hell this guy is and all that jazz.  I’ll keep it short and sweet, so the boredom meter doesn’t raise to high.

I’m Ben.  I’ve lived my whole life in sunny southern California, not far from the magic kingdom of Disneyland.  Now you know where I’m at, go a little more south and that’s where I’m at.  I surf, I paint, I take photos & am delving deeper into the world of film photography.  I’m 35 and am transgender (female-to-male). I had all my shots and paper work done 7 years ago now and am rabies free.

Other than that I’ll let you get to know me over the course of this adventure.

Best Wishes,



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